In Defence of ‘Repeat Offending’- Why You Should Wear What You Love

Last year, I committed a fashion crime. I wore the same ball dress twice. The day of the ball, I was out of money, time, and choices. My online order didn’t fit, and in a last-minute panic I grabbed the only option I had, a pre-worn dress, from the back of my wardrobe. Whilst wearing the same outfit in two separate places is deemed to be acceptable, (for example, a prom dress is easily repurposed for one of the many St Andrews events), why is choosing the same outfit, in the same place, such a fashion faux pas? Surely we should continue to wear the items we love the most?

So, here’s my defence of ‘repeat offending’. The most obvious advantage is that you’ll save yourself some money, which is no bad thing on a student budget. Secondly, you’ll cut out the panicked, last-minute trip to the shops, to buy something you’ll probably end up only wearing once anyway. Lastly, if you do decide to add new clothes to your wardrobe, you’ll be investing in versatile pieces you can use time and time again. However, even for the most fashion-forward, it can be difficult to re-wear clothes without them feeling stale. Here are some tips for how to style up your old garments, without breaking the bank.

Try layering

Layered pieces are still very on-trend, and come with the added bonus of keeping you warm in that St Andrews cold. Dresses can be reworked with t-shirts and polo necks, or you could try the classic shirt and jumper combination.

Accessories change the game

Accessories add the finishing touches to any outfit. They’re an easy way to transform a look- adding a pair of statement earrings, for example, is a great way to transition from day to night.

Knot, tie, and tuck

A simple way to repurpose old tops is to adapt their shape. Knotting, tying and tucking tops in a variety of ways will help define the silhouette of any outfit, and keep your style feeling fresh.

There you have it, a few ways to put some pizazz back into your wardrobe, and keep wearing what you love. Maybe it’s time we threw the fashion bible out of the window, and gave ‘repeat offending’ a chance!

Talia Maggs-Rapport


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