It’s not you, it’s me… I think. My on-off relationship with fashion and Concrete Catwalk’s plan for the year ahead.

I read an article recently about the importance of reducing the size of your wardrobe, and striving to have no more than 10 or 15 crucial garments of clothing. This, if it were at all possible of course, would be a serious accomplishment. The reality of the situation however, is that I cannot afford ridiculously nice clothing, that will be able to last for years and also be interchanged seamlessly with anything else in my wardrobe. My reality is one of t-shirts and jeans from Urban Outfitters or Zara that go out of fashion (or at least so the emails tell me) within months. HOW then, are we meant to improve our own wardrobes, and achieve this ‘nirvana’ of fashion where we are filled with complete contentment when we look inside our drawers?

I walked around Glasgow’s high-street the other day (a trip prompted by my dismay at packing the same clothes, yet again, for another year at university), and found that I felt creatively stumped; the shops were uninspiring, and nothing made me part with my money (something I usually have no trouble with). Was it me? Was I no longer ‘on trend’, and if so, how do I get back ‘on trend’? Where do I want my wardrobe to go? As these questions all crept into my brain, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the experience – wasn’t shopping meant to be fun and relaxing?

So, was it the shops? If it wasn’t me, it must surely be them. Perhaps I was shopping in the wrong places, but I felt underwhelmed by the selection in the high-street shops at the moment. The age old dilemma appears: you’re bored with the style rut you are in, and yet taking a step to change up your wardrobe is undeniably difficult and expensive. I can’t just buy anything in the hope that it works out – every item must be either necessary or have the ‘I MUST HAVE THAT OR I’LL DIE’ effect on me.

This perhaps seems dramatic (especially if my writing and use of hyperbole are taking effect), but feeling creatively uninspired is just part of the love affair I have with fashion. There are times I feel reassured in my knowledge of what I need/want, informed by magazines and shop selections alike, and of course there are times when I have no idea what I am doing with my style. This is normal (surely). This partnership between you and your clothes is an interesting one, and is often solved by spending some time away from bits of your wardrobe in order for the love to be rebuilt. This is however, what makes fashion and style so exciting; it’s an ever-changing experience and one which is not defined by one bad purchase or an ‘off day’. Personal style is unique and constantly evolving, and despite sometimes being stressful, that is what is fun about getting dressed in the morning. So if you find you are packing for uni and have been looking at the same ‘night out tops’ for months/years, then know that you are not alone and creative inspiration is usually just around the corner.

This musing on fashion is one which prompted me to write a little about the blogs at Concrete Catwalk and what it is we are going to try and achieve in the coming year. We want to offer our readership a place, first and foremost, of information; somewhere fashion can be celebrated, questioned and discussed. Our blogs however, also act as a place of sympathy: sympathy with our readers and bloggers alike. We all face the same daily love/hate relationship with fashion and experience the highs and lows of shopping. Concrete Catwalk hopes to inspire new things in all our readers’ lives, whilst providing insight into how best to shop as a student and documenting some of the immense talent we have here in our student body. Through the mediums of interviews, opinion pieces, reviews and more, we hope this year to offer advice whilst keeping fashion current and interesting!

Here’s to an undoubtedly fashionable year ahead.


Rachel Brown

Blogger Coordinator

Concrete Catwalk



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