Gucci Cruise 2018

The Gucci Cruise Show 2018 happened, and it was quite something. Alessandro Michele’s line of clothing was a sight to behold, set in the astounding backdrop of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. (At least from what I can gather on Instagram; I was unfortunately not in attendance.) It was said that Michele wanted the Parthenon in Athens for the show, however I get the impression the Palatine Gallery in Florence somehow sufficed.

Guests made their way through the Uffizi to witness the collection, on the way being privy to the works of Botticelli and the like. The clothing itself made obvious homage to classical drapery, as Michele pulled out notable symbols of the ancient world: the golden wreath accessories were hard to miss. That being said, there was a whole host of history used as influence; the embellished drapes of the models held a sort of Renaissance importance, in their distinct opulence. There were also undertones of the 60s seen in the psychedelic prints.


Gucci as a brand has launched a remarkable marketing campaign this year, one which culminated in this particular show. Starting the year, the designers took a dip into meme culture, creating a watch campaign which paid homage to the current internet sensation: ‘the boy you weren’t supposed to worry about’. This also resulted in teaming up with artist PollyNor (an amazing artist shedding light on women and their demons) in the release of artistic ‘memes’. This engagement with current culture has also been one of self-conscious parody; Gucci released items with the slogan ‘Guccy’ and ‘Guccify yourself’. This Instagram campaign has been one of colour, with bright and bold oranges, greens and reds telling the story of Gucci 2018. The collection is one full of youthful undertones, that speak to both the future and history and utilize fabric dripping with golds and sparkles. It’s both current and distant and is, I feel, truly successful.


-Rachel Brown

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