What to Expect for the Summer

Despite the snow earlier this week, spring is upon us, and summer is close behind. While everyone has been busy prepping for exams, the trends have come out for the fast approaching warm weather. No matter what you have going on once school ends – internships, jobs, vacation, or just free time – check out three of the biggest trends.

Our first trend is statement sleeves. They are making a comeback as part of the 80s style revamp. They’ve got a new look though; they’re sophisticated and elegant. They can be casual or formal. Here are a few of my favorites from the recent Spring/Summer 2017 shows:

Ruffles are also a comeback look (that’s a theme this season, if you haven’t noticed). They can play into the statement sleeves or be worn on their own. Again, they’ve got a transformed look, this time from girly princess to hardcore queen. The piece below is dreamy, but Zoe Kravitz proves that ruffles can be badass, too.


The other big trend is tulle. More and more, its been used as the main material for so many styles, and this summer, it’s going to be the statement piece of the outfit. Although, it’s normally reserved for formal dresses reminiscent of Cinderella, a-symmetry and color popping are also on trend with this material.


Feel free to mix and match these new (and not-so-new) trends, or stick with what you know. Either way, style this summer is going to be hot!


-Erin Sebastian

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