Spring makeup trends which look just as good on the stressed student as they do the catwalk model

I’m not sure about you, but when spring comes around I always feel like I should get rid of the layers of makeup I slather on my face. Something about have a bit of sunshine and non-biting breeze always leaves me feeling like I should give my skin a little more room to breathe now that it’s not swathed in layers of fabric anyway. But there’s a catch with this: my skin is not flawless. Years after they told me my teenage acne would be gone, it still rumbles under the surface; as a (kind of) natural blonde, my eyebrows are not as defined as I’d like them to be nor are my eyelashes as dark; and contouring is a skill I have yet not quite mastered but something I’m keen to keep pursuing. On top of this, I like makeup. I like the ritual of getting ready in the morning. I like playing with different colours and styles. I like looking in the mirror and seeing that a dab of lipstick can make me feel more confident. And so spring becomes a bit of a dilemma. Thankfully, fashion magazines and blogs here become my best friend in moments like these and I’m able to find new looks to suit the sunnier weather and, inevitably, my sunnier disposition. And I hope CC can do the same for you by outlining some of our favourite looks at the moment.

Smoked and Smudged

The smoky eye is not a new look by any means, but the emphasis on softer femininity in this classic grungy makes for a welcome change. Plus, it’s super handy for all us who can’t seem to perfect line with our eyeliner to be able to say that we opted for the imperfect look on purpose. Stick to black as a classic, or experiment with shades such as navy and khaki to make your eyes really pop.

Pop of Colour

While people waited impatiently for Urban Decay’s Vice4 palette to be released, I personally didn’t quite get the hype. Sure, it looked cool, but what would I use emerald or magenta eyeshadow for? Now, having seen the unexpected pop of colour on Jill Stuart and Ann Sui models that I realise how naive I was. And how much fun you can have playing about with colours when you’re just wanting to make a fun statement rather than worrying about matching your skin tone.

Au Naturel

Spring is all about freshness and cleanness. It was great to see so many looks that embraced how I feel about the change in season, as the no-makeup look continued to populate runways, fashion blogs, and youtube videos alike. Even Kim K was doing it. Create dewy, plump looks with minimal effort and be instantly ready to be papped by the CC team without having to worry how much makeup is coming off every time you have a sip of coffee/take off a jumper/basically anything.

Blush Bomb

Kind of a continuation of the ‘no-makeup-makeup’ theme, overloading on blush is a trend I was super hesitant about, until I saw a friend brave it at FS. And oh wow did she look amazing, and oh wow did she look great in photos. Yes, this 80s inspired trend might be only for the brave, but do consider giving it a go – even if only on a day when you’re going to be in sweats at home hammering out a deadline.

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