Turning Fashion On Its Head At Paris Fashion Week….

After marvelling at the numerous delights that Paris Fashion Week had to offer, (and now quietly counting down the days until the next) there seemed to be a common theme that many designers explored this season: headwear, very bizarre headwear.

Rick Owens featured headgear that added height and an air of industrialism; the large rectangular structures towering above the models heads in earthy, neutral colours gave the collection, as a whole, a very understated, yet outrageous, edge.

Equally, Ann Demeulemeester displayed how simple layering can combine with delicately placed fabrics to create headwear that screamed fantasy and whimsicality. Lace ensembles were veiled over the face and created an almost matrimonial elegance, elevated further by velvet bows and chiffon ties, which held each piece in place.

John Galliano, currently the creative commander at Maison Margiela, exhibited an impressive selection of head attire, turning everything we know about bags on its head. Magnificently feathered bags with elongated straps were placed on the heads of models.

Headwear that exuded artistic essences is nothing new to Paris Fashion Week, one just has to remember Haider Ackermann’s AW16 vivid antennas, or Junya Watanabe’s geometric 3D creations, to see that this technique has been used countless time to create standout collections. Whether it’s to make a social commentary, a political statement or simply for the love of art, the use of headwear at Paris Fashion Week has been first class this season, leaving little doubt that these constructions will eventually trickle down onto the high street. I guess we all now know what to do when we’re next having a bad hair day.

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