The Chanel Paris Fall Launch (Literally)

Creative director Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Fall collection premiered at Paris Fashion week in the Grand Palais, immediately catching the eye of the entire couture world. The extravagant theme took to the stars, encapsulating the motif of space coupled with a futuristic feel.


With models such as Bella Hadid and Ash Stymest (the boyfriend of Lily-Rose Depp) amongst those walking, the show was seen all over Instagram and the internet as a major success. Chanel actively championed the hashtag #CHANELGroundControl. The clothes themselves featured large moon boots and lots of silver, which added to the futuristic vibe. There was a distinct nod to the 60s, the decade of space exploration, in the silhouettes of some of the dresses. The models all had backcombed 60s hair and dark, structured eye-liner, which worked well alongside the striking silver of the line.

If that wasn’t enough, the show itself ended with a rocket blasting off, turning the Grand Palais undoubtedly into a space station, pioneering the new fashion of the future. Chanel showed the ease with which fashion week can be linked to art, turning the launch of its clothing into a visual delight, with the result being both exciting and different. By taking on an obvious aesthetic, Chanel ensured that their clothing line was a distinct whole piece of work, with each look feeding off of the one before. Fashion became a way to explore artistic themes and Chanel packed a punch that will surely leave people talking for quite some time.

A rocket is launching as models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld as part of his Fall/Winter 2017-2018 women's ready-to-wear collection for fashion house Chanel during Fashion Week in Paris


-Rachel Brown

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