What’s what & Who’s who?

It’s true that everyone holds fashion dearly in varying degree and interest.

If you care where your coffee comes from with your eloquent order of ‘free-trade & organic, single origin, sumatra, filtered by your local coffee barista’, why wouldn’t you do the same when you put new cloth on your body? After all, just like your coffee, your heels or skirt are the physical representation of your conscious choice and first layer of you that you choose to present to the cute barista, and the world.

It’s okay to not like certain things and don’t want to wear certain things, but can we agree that it’s cool to know what those are in the first place? I personally dislike vodka and just sadly can’t tolerate aperol spritz, so knowing this, it’s pretty useful whenever I fancy a drink or two, I at least know what to not order. The same applies to clothes, more or less. You’d know what to say when Lucinda and Verity push maxi floral dresses or Gucci loafers down your throat, “No thanks, I’ll have my Calvins (or whatever else you like).”.

Let’s go back to the basic and respect the designers behind your favourite pieces or pieces you want to have in your closet one day.


Arguably the most raved-about brand in fashion today, Gucci hasn’t always been the jungle and floral explosion that is it today. That only started 3 years ago when Alessandro Michele awaken the dormant giant covered in its overused monogram.

Your mum or older sister probably remember a different version of it that led the conversation and vision at the time, it was Gucci’s Tom Ford in the late nineties and early 2000. Back then, sex was a thing that sells extremely well, especially the one that Tom Ford orchestrated with Gucci.


Click here for a link to the image


Click here for a link to the image


The most celebrated throughout time, since, ever. It’s not without good reasons. Gabrielle Chanel did have a vision of refashioning the body, it was a liberation from the strictly domestic purposes of clothing that didn’t allow women to have much fun or do anything else, and quite literally from the constraints of wasp waist, slim silhouette. She gave us the little black dress and boyish sporty cuts. For over 30 years, Karl Lagerfeld has helmed the Parisian couture house.

Click here for a seamlessly scrollable history lesson on the legendary designer and the house that she built


One of the oldest houses, started its business in luggage making that thrived during industrialisation and the increase of travelling as a leisurely activity. It was Marc Jacobs that ensured its relevance and modernity in the 21st century, with the balancing act of his own aesthetic of refined-yet-daring grunge and messy-preppy look. Today, the house is reigned by Nicolas Ghesquière and have made subtle transformations such as the smoother and rounder logo and an air of lightness into the design. Ghesquière’s himself is bold in his futuristic, sharp and geometric style, giving the Vuitton girl the armour to match her confidence. So it’s definitely more than the plethora of LV bags that you see around town.


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