Farewell Winter, get that SPRING back in your step.

In true British style, the earliest signs of sun (despite us only just being fresh out of February) ignite our premature longing for summer. A nation deprived of these golden rays, we get excited, too excited, to swap out our winter wardrobes. Take for example this morning: it’s currently 3 degrees outside. I know full well it’s cold. And yet I find myself sauntering out of my flat in nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of cropped jeans – BIG mistake. Quite frankly, spring is a sod of a season. It tricks us with mornings full of sunshine into thinking that it’s actually warm. Reality check: it’s not.

Every year I find it hard to hit the middle ground between being cosy layered in duvet-style coats and heavy-duty boots, and sweating in shorts and a vest. Spring should be the welcomed in-between, but often knowing the right fashion pieces to connect the two season extremes can be harder than expected.

So here is my best advice – take from that what you will – for transitioning in spring fashion. Just remember: spring does not mean summer, and Scotland means every summer is rarely warm.

The Shoes

A selection of 6 spring-appropriate shoes; you can now risk wearing lighter materials and lighter colours as, hopefully, the rain holds off – although the threat of ‘April Showers’ is true all year round when you live in the UK.

Espadrilles, plimsolls, pumps, and slingbacks are all great for freshening up a pair of jeans for spring. From Left to Right: Orri & Occi; Topshop; Orri & Occi; Vintage; Jasper Conrad; Zara



The Trousers

You can now dare to bear a bit of ankle, without fear of losing said ankle to frostbite. Opt for more cropped jeans or trousers; the relaxed boyfriend fit or straight leg is perfect for a more spring-like look. From Left to Right: Vintage Levi’s; Zara

The Outerwear

Swap out your heavy wool for lighter material that you can layer over t-shirts or shirts. I love to keep it classic for spring and pair a plain white tee with jeans and a causal blazer. If blazers aren’t your thang, the cropped jacket also seems to me to be inherently spring-like. Not for everyone, but my personal fave is photo’d below. Lightweight trench or mac styles also work really well for layering in the (ever-so) slightly warmer months. From Left to Right: Old Spitalfields Market; Asos


Year in year out, I struggle with the spring fashion transition. It comes with the territory of the UK; the weather will always be unpredictable and ever-changing. So this is the (somewhat limited) extent of my ‘springly’ style tips. My ‘spring fashion formulae’ = pumps + jeans + t-shirt + jacket: revolutionary, I know.


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