Walking between rows of books in the library the other day, I spotted a girl in the most amazing pink suede coat. I didn’t pluck up the courage to ask her where it was from, (I was in the silent section after all) so all I can hope is that, on the off chance, the CC photographers managed to get a snap of her. Honestly, words fail to describe how fantastic this coat was and how cool it looked on. I may not know who designed that masterpiece, but I do know it left me procrastinating rather a lot instead of writing my essay. It got me, like fashion often does, thinking. Why don’t I wear pink? Why do I never feel good in pink? Why do I never come across pink things I love when trawling the internet?

And so, this article was born: how and why you should be wearing more pink.

As London Fashion Week showed us, there’s no doubt that pink is in at the moment. From
Ryan Lo to Thornton Bregazzi (below), pink strutted its stuff down runways.Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.21.59 pm.png

It’s really one of those colours which seems so particular to some people, that seems like it has to be just the right shade if you want to wear it and feel good in it too. But, the thing is, it’s actually surprisingly easy to wear. It looks good with denim, black, grey, navy to contrast, or even with (supposedly clashing) colours with similar hues. You’d be amazed how well a pale pink blouse…a paler than pale, chalkier than chalk pink blouse, goes with a red lip. So, if you’re keen to invest in something bubbly and girly to lift you out of the grey, Scottish winter and bring you into spring, take a look at these looks for inspiration:

1. Adam Lippes suede coat (not the one I saw earlier, but beautiful nonetheless).

2. Jakke faux fur coat (or check out Coveteur for more options).

3. Best thing about Topshop at the moment? They’ve started making UK size 2 shoes. Oh, and the fact that they make flats like these affordable.

4. This Zara flowing jumpsuit dress is to die for. You will find me in this as soon as it gets a wee bit warmer.

5. And for underneath … this looks both cute and comfortable.


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