Interview with Tamzin O’Malley

tamzin6(RB) – Hi there Tamzin, we love your blog AhTom here at Concrete Catwalk, what was your inspiration for starting it up?

(Tamzin O’Malley) – I’m so used to working with people and them controlling how everything is portrayed. For example, when I worked on photo shoots and stuff – this was my way of controlling how things came out and what I wanted to say.


(RB) – What got you involved in makeup in the first place?

(TO)- I started modelling at 15 and realised working with makeup artists and stylists is fun, and makeup was the only part of this I could do at home and play with. I eventually got good at it, and when you get good at it, you love doing it even more.


(RB) – So, you’ve recently started doing makeup for students here before big events, like balls and FS etc, is this hard to juggle with writing blogs and keeping up with University work?

(TO) – I do the makeup whenever I have the time, and to the beat of my own drum, which means I can advertise when I have time. It’s the same with the blog, I write when I have ideas, so no stress!


(RB) – Your blogs cover a multitude of things – you’ve collaborated with some students on some of them?

(TO) – I got in touch with a student and there was a profile written about the photographer Andrew R. Moore. This covered what kind of work the photographer does. I love trying to raise awareness for creative talents in Scotland. Some of these people are my friends that work so hard and I wanted to give them praise! I first shot with him first when I was 16 and I remember him saying “just pretend you are a space lion”; it was daunting but he would make a full of himself to make you feel comfortable.


(RB) – That seems commendable to cover it then! What piece of makeup advice would you give to us amateurs?

(TO) – Good makeup brushes that are the right shape are key. Any product can work if you’re putting it on properly, eye shadow with finger wont work the same as it will with good brushes. Buying brushes helped me get better at my own makeup, doing it with my fingers was always a mess. And definitely don’t use the flat eye shadow brushes you are given in the pack; why do they even make them!


(RB)- And finally, what about contouring? What’s the secret?

(TO) – If you want to look like you have a tan – use the brush on the highest parts of your face, cheekbones, nose. If you want to contour – use makeup where the shadow falls on your face. And If really in doubt look at YouTube!


If you want to check out Tamzin’s blog AhTom here’s a link



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