‘Granny Style’: Embarrassing or Fashionable?

If you’d asked me years ago what I thought of the outfits photographed below, I’d have said that they were a bit disastrous, frumpy, out-dated; basically ‘grannified’. Ask me now and I’d say half of my wardrobe consists of pieces like this. Something about the ‘granny style’ is catching. Seen plastered across recent runways, the usual likes of Prada, Gucci, and Simone Rocha have provided us with ample inspiration; cosy Aran knits, frilled coats, garishly printed skirts, button-down dresses, sensible shoes: our actual grannies would be in their element.


Many praise (or blame) Taylor Swift (of all people) for bringing this style back. Whoever it was, I am grateful. After suffering through many a day of serious discomfort – squished into skinny jeans, shivering in barely-there tops, and thinking the feeling in my feet would literally never return – I whole-heartedly welcome relaxed fit midi skirts, super cosy cardigans, and 1-inch-heeled shoes. Who needs style over comfort when you can opt for style in comfort? Certainly not me.


Confession: this blog was entirely inspired by one of my dear flatmates. Granny at heart, Daisy Sewell often finds her wardrobe subjected to daily raids: by me. I picked out 3 of my favourite ‘granny style’ pieces that she owns. Take a look.


When asked why she likes this style so much, she responded with: ‘it’s comfortable but quite elegant; you feel more of a lady when wearing it. Its just fun and a bit different!’

It’s also pretty damn easy and affordable. When searching for this style, you’ll often find the most success in charity or vintage shops. Daisy picked up the cream cardigan and the red wool jacket from charity shops, for less than £15 each! The floral tea dress was a collaborative design by Uniqlo and Ines de la Fressange, and even that only required the parting-with of £30.

So if you ever feel ashamed about bringing out your inner granny, remember this post. Chances are you’ll be the most fashionable person on the street (or sofa)!

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