The Sparkly Highlights of Catwalk 2017

While many people killed it at Catwalk 2017, sparkles were the standout, and continue to be very on-trend for this seasons events. Whether sequins or shimmer, sparkles can add depth and dimension to an evening. Events such as fashion shows, concerts, and festivals often have light sequences that you can play to your advantage; catch that light and shine like the diamond you are. Stand out in the crowd!


Classic metallics are a brilliant way to shine too. They’ll match with almost anything so there’s no fear of clashing with your friends (plus they make for great pictures!). Pair a statement top with jeans, boots, and a blazer to get a smart casual look with a fun twist. Or put a fur coat over a sequin dress for a chic contrast of textures.


But wait there’s more!

Guys: you too can get in on the fun! Don that sequined blazer, tie that bedazzled tie, pull out your Michael Jackson-esque gloves and party on. Don’t worry about standing out, that’s the point!

So if you’re ever looking for an outfit to match the festivities, look no further than sparkles!

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