Interview with Aileen Noonan

Wulang Derrida (WD): Hi Aileen, we love your blog. When did you start?

Aileen Noonan (AN): I started my blog last year in the spring.


WD: What made you decide to share your passion?

AN: I’ve always been really interested in fashion. I want to share my styling tips since I also design and make some of my dresses myself. Also, being in the Management Society has led me to bring fashion speakers to St Andrews.

WD: That’s exciting. Tell us a little bit more about the dress making.

AN: The actual process of making dresses happens when I’m back in Ireland. I sketch here in St. Andrews, but I don’t have the tools and materials. It’s something that I enjoy doing and adds a unique point to the blog.

WD: Who is your favorite designer?

AN: The late Alexander McQueen. He’s just such an inspiring figure. His totality and dedication in pursuing a certain aesthetic has always been remarkable.

WD: Favorite designer alive today?

AN: Elie Saab. I love the details in embroideries, sequin, lace on very light and exquisite materials. It always gets me excited for all the balls in St. Andrews. Evening wear is definitely my favorite, so Elie Saab, Valentino, Dior…

WD: Thoughts on the Valentino & Dior shakeups?

AN: I adore them both. I can’t pick a winner; he’s always done a fantastic job, and so has she at Dior. Both have shown that they were strong as a team, but more than capable of individually expressing themselves.


WD: Back to your blog. What’s the story behind the name ‘Fashion Sensation’?

AN: I wanted it to be an invitation for people to be excited about fashion as I am, so I guess I was going for an emotive approach.

WD: What do you enjoy the most in blogging?

AN: I just enjoy sharing what I do, what I wear, and how I design and style.

WD: Any tips for those who wants to start designing or blogging?

AN: For designing – I did an introductory course in Central Saint Martins. Find a teacher to make the clothes. Learning how to make clothes helps you with designing because you get a better idea of what’s feasible, the best fabrics for different designs and how the design will look when you make it (flattering or not). You get more used to it; practice is important. Blogging – know your SEO! It’s really cluttered out there. Have something that differentiates you. Use Instagram a lot and study the blogs that you like.

WD: Fave bloggers?

AN: Chiara Ferragni, Doina Ciobanu, and Teresa Vu



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