Fashion in the Age of Instagram

The way in which fashion companies advertise themselves or promote ideas has been largely shaped, in recent years, by the immense influence social media has over the younger generations. For fashion, this means altering campaigns and lines to look good not only on the runway, but also the small screen. Fashion in 2017 is immediate and at our fingertips in ways never experienced before: we can stream fashion shows, follow models on snapchat as they take us backstage, and keep up with the latest fashion through the major companies’ pages on Instagram.

Just recently Gucci launched a new campaign on their Instagram page featuring the audition tapes of some of their models for their Pre-Fall collection. The clips saw the models asked some questions such as “what’s your spirit animal” or “what do you consider soul to be?”. They all finished the same way, with the models being asked to dance, however they liked, to a set piece of music. Gucci here managed to not only raise awareness for their upcoming line, but also make themselves, and those who represent them, seem human.

The videos of the candidates dancing were not always flawless, and that’s what made the project humble and accessible. These people, whilst obviously all aesthetically beautiful, each had their own take on the questions, and each had their own style of dancing – some bad, some good and some eccentric. The immediacy of social media affords new ways in which we, behind the light of our phone screens, can feel involved in what’s happening. The campaign by Gucci to introduce the raw, untouched and real videos of people was inspired and a really refreshing way to prove that these people are still just people and that fashion should be, and can be, accessible to all.

Click here for the Gucci Instagram link.

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