Pre-Fall 2017

In the fashion world, it is the aim of any aspiring industry-wannabe to be a creative input for a major designer label. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, her career has seen this achieved not once but twice, starting in her role as Valentino’s creative director in partnership with Pier Paolo Piccioli. She may be best recognised by the wider public as having orchestrated the appearance of both Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller on the catwalk, following their roles in Zoolander.


Since working with Valentino however, Chiuri has moved to Dior to be the first ever female creative designer. The Guardian paper noted this makes her possibly the most powerful woman in French fashion since Coco Chanel herself. Her opening collection was a breath of fresh air to the Dior line, challenging the traditional take on feminine beauty seen. Chiuri opted for far grungier tones and sparked an internet frenzy over the use of t-shirts with the writing, “We should all be feminists.” Her subversion of the traditional feminine shapes and pretty looks changed the perception of Dior and increased the influence of the label on the millennial viewers. The line was received well by most viewers, although those who had expected long lines and elegance much like her Valentino collection were sorely disappointed. It was also noted that whilst powerful, the clothing was perhaps secondary to the message.


The Dior Pre-Fall line has now been released and Maria Chiuri has built further upon the image established in the Spring collection. She noted that her creative ideas were influenced by her new location of residence: the city of Paris. Chiuri recognised the vibrancy of the city, and the way it encouraged individuality. Dior’s Pre-Fall collection was about capturing this liberation and expression of oneself, attempting to produce pieces that would act as creative inspiration for the viewer. The line included lots of embroidery, sheer dresses under embroidered coats, and highly detailed denim.


Maria Chiuri is definitely a pioneer of a new era of fashion at Dior, and this pre-fall line encourages an innovative approach to fashion, whilst attempting to capture the freedom of the streets of Paris!

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