New Year, New Wardrobe

As we welcome in the New Year, the expected noise of health and fitness resolutions saturate conversation: it’s a, “New Year new me.”Although many of these annual vows often manifest as empty promises, there is one particular resolve that could set you up for a better 2017 (in the world of fashion anyway). Wardrobe overhaul can be the promise of a reinvented self. Start your 2017 with a clear wardrobe and a clear mind.

Clothes Mountain.png

Speaking from experience (and from my bedroom with the new edition ‘floordrobe’), come New Years Day, I faced the task of dressing for a celebratory lunch. Upon opening my overflowing and rammed-in excuse of a wardrobe, I concluded that I had absolutely nothing to wear. Overwhelmed by hoards of unflattering and frumpy jumpers, last season x5 dresses, and jeans that I only just managed to get into when I was 14, I couldn’t see the wood from the trees. I had so much crap that my genuinely loved items of clothing had been lost in a deeply muddled fashion abyss. Much like the detrimental effects of a cluttered desk on productivity, my cluttered wardrobe was becoming a hindrance on my ability to string a simple outfit together. If you’re reading this and can relate to my ways as a wardrobe hoarder, try these 5 simple rules for letting go of old clothes.

The 5 Rules of Letting Go:

  1. If you haven’t worn it in over 6 months, bin it.
  2. If you’re not excited to wear it, bin it.
  3. If you don’t feel good in it, bin it.
  4. If you keep saying you’ll lose over a stone and then it’ll fit again, bin it.
  5. If you are only keeping it for fear of not having any other clothes, bin it.


As university students, we are also at a disadvantage as we inevitably end up with a two-part wardrobe split between the location of home, and St. Andrews: start with your home wardrobe now and I guarantee you’ll find it considerably easier to pack when the time comes to head back to the bubble. Happy organising.

To replenish your now fully functioning wardrobe, I suggest investing in these 5 staple pieces that you’ll be able to pair with most existing items, just to freshen up your collection. Over the past few weeks I’ve picked up the pieces shown below.

5 staples for your wardrobe overhaul

  1. Denim – a new pair of well-fitted jeans can be paired with overlooked tops for a fresh new outfit.
  1. A Crisp White Shirt – dressed up or down, a crisp white shirt will look effortlessly put together on those days when you simply CBA.
  1. Statement Shoes – treat yourself with a pair of funky shoes, and they’ll spice up the most basic of outfits; think jeans, a plain white tee, and some talking-point soles.
  1. Tailored Jacket or Coat – don’t underestimate the power of impeccable tailoring.
  1. Classic t-shirt – you can never go wrong with a tee so invest in one for the summer; try stripes, embroidery, or vintage logos for this season.


Don’t forget to recycle your unwanted clothes: take them to charity, sell them, or bag them up and take them to H&M to receive a £5 voucher for being good to the planet.


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