CC’s Holiday Reads

With still a few weeks left before the second semester hits, lets refresh our minds with some leisure reads. Here are what some of CC bloggers are reading this Christmas break…

  1.  With an English degree comes the classic reading list of Austen, Hardy, and Shakespeare. Although these are dearly loved, during the Christmas holidays I’ve been looking forward to indulging in some lighter reads. My first pick was Kurt Jackson’s Bestiary; as one of my favourite artists, I couldn’t wait to curl up with a cup of tea, relax, and delve into 160 pages of Jackson’s work and accompanying thoughts. Devoid of plot, this book gave me a much-needed break from the character-developed lives of Tess Durbeyfield and Elizabeth Bennet. With the centenary of Vogue this year, I received In Vogue by Norberto Angeletti and Alberto Oliva as a Christmas present from my parents; this will be my second read over the next few weeks. Displaying the 100-year history of Vogue, I’m looking forward to reading about this iconic magazine in its full glory – something I wouldn’t normally have time to do.
  2. So over the holidays I’ve been reading the usual: Man Repeller, also Game of Thrones!
  3. The Power by Naomi Alderman is an instant classic; women have the power, and it’s their turn to abuse it. Nutshell by Ian McEwan is told from the viewpoint of an unborn foetus. McEwan’s latest novel tells the story of how a mother and her lover plan to murder his father.
  4. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: fantasy is my favourite genre of literature, and after reading such heavy material all semester, I craved a book that gave me a whimsical and enchanting plot. Morgenstern’s imaginary circus provided effortless magic, crafted in such a way that even days after I had finished the book, I was still visualising her immensely descriptive world where each circus tent offered a new element of wonder and illusion. It made the brutal weeks of reading Foucault, Marx, and Freud just a distant memory.TheNightCircus.jpg
  5. Print magazines: System, o32c, and PORT. Online: Vestoj, Fashion Law and Man Repeller. Anything published by Granta, I started with A.M. Homes – The Safety of Objects.



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