CC Captured Trends of 2016

After a semester of settling in a new place, managing to not kill each other while living with your best friends, and occasionally having conflicting feelings about leaving St Andrews, we are now enjoying winter break: hopefully with great food, strong alcohol and the best of company. Now let’s take a quick retrospective look at this semester’s popular items of clothing to see which ones we want to keep in our arsenal looking forward and which ones we will be leaving in 2016…

Wide-leg trousers:

They represent freedom (quite literally for your legs) by straying away from tight-fitting garments that accentuate the figure. Their comfort is incomparable to skinny jeans, especially preferable for those long library sessions, or moving swiftly between Tesco aisles. They’re available in any colour, pattern, material, and length of cut, to suit different heights or build certain silhouettes. Although, one thing remains a mystery, how did some people still wear them in November-December time with its below 10 degree weather? They allow so much room for cold air even with long coats and knits. Maybe symbol and style has triumphed over functionality.


From sneakers to suits, velvet has influenced a part of our sartorial choice in one way or another. As evidenced by these gentlemen in their velvet suits, this material surely adds a bold and playful touch to their outfits, making the formal item slightly more casual. The opposite effect is achieved by the sneakers, making them more serious than regular canvas and on a par with their leather counterparts.


Anything Gucci and its maximalist manifesto form the past season:

Whether you like fashion or not, you can’t help but notice the surge of bright-coloured clothing, extravagant embroidered appliqués on silk-satin, houndstooth pattern, or the comeback of Gucci pattern-coolness. If it’s a virus, it’s difficult to avoid. If Van der Rohe said, “…Less is more,” then Alessandro Michele dares to question why.  


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