The Socially Acceptable Way to Wear Pajamas All the Time

As far as fashion faux pas go, I can safely say there are few more worthy of secondhand embarrassment than public display of pyjamas: a poor soul out on the street at noon, clutching a coffee cup, sporting flannel pyjama pants tucked into Uggs. As the ancient proverb goes, always dress as if you’re going to run into your ex.


For someone who cringes at the thought of sweatpants in public, I’ve managed to end up out and about in my pyjamas on more than one occasion since arriving at this university. Ranging from Raisin Sunday, on which my parents requested I show up promptly at 7:47am in my sleepwear, to the Rugby Club’s secret pyjama party, events with a pyjama dress code kept popping up. Thus, I found myself gradually succumbing to breaking my golden rule.


Despite my prejudice toward PJs anywhere further than one’s living room, I admit having that lazy Sunday morning comfort all the time is in fact amazing. Plus, let’s be honest, if you buy cute loungewear, you want to be seen in it. Thankfully the rising trend of pyjama inspired outfits provides a unique way to go from bed to bar.


Embracing 24/7 sleepwear, model Gigi Hadid attended the opening of the Stuart Weitzman London store clad in a dark silky Fleur du Mal jumpsuit.


The key to successfully pyjama dressing lies in the details: Hadid’s outfit resembles everyone’s favorite onesie – yet when paired with a statement choker and killer heels, it becomes Stuart Weitzman event appropriate.

For the daytime, consider adding a pair of bold sunglasses to complete the ensemble…


The message here is continue leaving the old, food-stained sweatshirt at home, but if you do invest in luxe loungewear: be confident and get creative with styling to break away from your usual routine.

Get the look: Topshop’s selection of co-ords offers an accessible pyjama style set:



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