How to Dress When You’re Uninspired

Sometimes, dressing is a challenge. We live in St. Andrews; getting out of bed in the morning is already hard enough when your student-budget hasn’t quite stretched to the heating bill (why wake up feeling cosy when there are cocktails to be drunk and events to attend?). It’s made even harder when you have no idea what to wear. I can see goosebumps on my arms; I don’t want to spend twenty minutes faffing about in my underwear, trying on top after top and still feeling like I own nothing.

Dressing for winter can be especially challenging. Despite the increased variation in fall collections, in St. Andrews it’s easy to feel constrained by practical matters – such as staying warm and dry. So, around this time of year, I feel like I spend a lot of time in the morning staring blankly at my wardrobe, hoping to be struck by inspiration. A large majority of times, I never feel that jolt. Which is why I end up returning time and time again to this tried and tested formula…

Denim (any style, any colour) + a simple shirt and/or a thin-knit jumper + a striking coat to add texture + ankle boots.

In other words, what would Alexa Chung wear to walk to the library when she has deadlines and a lack of motivation, but still runs the risk of seeing everyone she knows in the space of fifteen minutes?

Possessing an enviable wardrobe and being the namesake of a gorgeous Mulberry bag, Alexa Chung has won British Style Icon three times in a row at the British Fashion Awards. She has a unique ability to stay ahead of the trends, whilst still remaining effortlessly cool. Quite simply, whenever I see a photograph of Alexa in a magazine, my procrastination levels sky-rocket as I trawl the internet trying to find cheaper alternatives to her look. Here are a few of my favourite looks to inspire you on those days when all you really want to wear are sweats.

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