The ‘Furse’

In a season bursting with festive balls, dinners and occasions, accessories are a crucial component of any outfit; the dress is only as good as the overall ensemble.

Luckily the fashion world has an answer; Vogue’s proclaimed ‘Furse’, the furry purse, is the piece you never knew your outfits were missing.

Taking the form of a clutch or small bag, faux-fur accessories are a perfect way to compliment your autumnal evening wear and have been prevalent on this fall’s catwalk. Marc Jacobs and Versace alike have endorsed the product, demonstrating the range of sizes and styles the ‘Furse’ is capable of adopting.

The concept itself is a simple one; add an element of flare to an outfit, which at the same time keeps with the wintery theme of the season.

Many stores have attempted to emulate this trend, with the ‘Furse’ making an appearance at both Zara and Anthropologie. They’re a great way to add a pop of colour to a wintery wardrobe that has the potential to become very drab and dark.

This trend, however, is not exclusive to evening wear. The faux fur bag is opulent enough to amp up any outfit. Perhaps the most successful translation of this trend into your every day wardrobe is Urban Outfitter’s take, which allows for a more playful engagement with faux-fur. Available in both black and leopard print (so very in right now), the mini backpack is a creative way of interpreting the importance of the bag of the season.


Whether in the setting of Christmas Ball, or simply casual day wear, this look is one which offers a fun accessory alternative for winter. Faux-fur is a great way of taking autumnal/ summer pieces and instantly making them cozy winter wear!

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