How to Perfect the Roll-out-of-Bed Look

I woke up like this: flawless.

Independent Learning Week has come and gone, exams are on the horizon and the snooze alarm addiction is becoming an all too familiar routine. For those who just cannot bring themselves to leave the cozy confines of bed in the morning, here are some quick ideas to make it seem like you took all the time in the world to make yourself look great.

The Hooded Top:

An easy item to throw on if you’re running late, this hooded crop top blends slouchy and simple with ease. If you’re wanting a slightly sleeker style, adding a long chiffon top underneath would create a nice balance of casual and classy, allowing you to take on any sort of event, from a library-filled morning to a coffee date with friends.

The Polo-Neck Jumper:

The oversized jumper is nothing new, yet the polo-neck element adds a layer of sophistication desperately needed if you’re throwing an outfit together at the last minute. Keep it minimalist with some black trousers, or team with some boyfriend jeans to really channel laid back dressing. Worn with a messy bun or paired with some heeled boots, this jumper does all the work for you: perfect for that early morning tutorial.

The Ripped Joggers:

The epitome of comfort, joggers are a favourite to those late for an important class, making the transition from pyjamas to everyday clothing that little bit easier. More than just a gym look, these joggers could be worn with a classic white top and black leather jacket to create a faultless street style look. The ripped detailing and slightly faded sides adds an urban grunge effect to any last-minute decision.

The T-Shirt Dress:

The oversized t-shirt dress encompasses everything a roll-out-of-bed look should be: cool and casual.  Cinching with a belt could give this piece the illusion of elegance, or keeping it baggy and flowing would showcase the true relaxed look.  Add some statement jewellery or a chunky scarf to seriously amp up this outfit choice.

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