Sustainable Lingerie

Oftentimes, we don’t think about the ramifications of what we wear. When you open that box and try on your new pair of boots for the first time, it’s naturally not your first thought to consider how the making and packaging of the product might have impacted the environment.

For women, there is nothing so intimate as what we’re wearing underneath; it is the foundation of every look. Lingerie should be comfortable, make us feel effortlessly sexy, and boost our confidence. It can also reflect our values for ethics and sustainability. Several designers have understood the importance of crafting beautiful underwear that is beneficial for consumers, producers, and the environment alike. So, if you’re wanting to update your underwear draw with sexy pieces while still being a friend to the planet, consider checking out these brands below.



Naja Lingerie is devoted to empowering women from creators to wearers. Their products are made by single mothers; they pay above markets wages, provide health benefits, and child education stipends. Through their Underwear for Hope program, Naja trains and employs single mothers in Colombia to sew their handmade pieces. Their stunning eco-friendly bras are made from recycled water bottles, and they use digital printing to eliminate water waste. We love their bold and elegant designs, and the fact that their nude underwear comes in seven shades.

Ayton Gasson


Ayten Gasson’s classically beautiful lingerie is produced with a firm commitment to sustaining the UK manufacturing industry, supporting as many UK companies as possible — from lace mills to printers. The designer is highly-acclaimed for using upcycled Nottingham lace, celebrating the traditional skills which the UK was once admired for. The company also features a collection of eco-friendly lingerie, which regularly features cruelty-free Peace Silk and Organic Silk, highlighting their ethical sensibility. Every lingerie item is also lovingly made in their Brighton boutique.



Andrée Ceccarelli (left)describes itself as the, “…Perfect combination of city edge and feminine elegance.” This ethical lingerie brand offers elegant, sensual pieces inspired by traditional couture techniques. All their materials are locally sources (with the exception of their lace which is ordered from small, family-run mills in Italy and France) and production takes place in their New York studio. With their intimates being made to order by hand, we love that they can be customised to your personal taste.

Brook There

Based in New England (where all their manufacturing takes place), Brook There’s design focus is on gorgeous and long-lasting construction. The label’s consciously made lingerie boasts a clean, elegant, tomboy aesthetic. Made from organic cotton and silk, then garment-dyed in small batches, they are proud of how natural and comfortable their intimates are.

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