Halloween – Be your favourite character

It’s that time of year again that’s full of creativity, daring outfits and when just about anything goes. Yep, Halloween is just around the corner.

For those of you who like the idea of the holiday, (and more importantly like a good night out), but struggle to put together last minute costumes, here’s a guide to lazy Halloween ideas.


Topshop, Petite Shaket

ts26e20kkha_zoom_f_1Pop culture inevitably informs costume options and the rise and raging success of the programme Stranger Things this Summer has provided some quick and fun concepts for Halloween. Luckily for us, old fashion trends have funny ways of coming back into style. Clothing from the 80s and 90s has made a comeback, manifesting in both vintage clothing and appearing on high street lines. For a quick and easy costume alternative, look no further than your wardrobe. To achieve Winona Rider’s character look from the show, put on a khaki jacket (or any similar 80s clothes in your wardrobe), and wrap yourself in fairy lights and voilà. This is immediately current, and somewhat ~spooky~.

With the return second series of Scream Queens imminent, why not channel the essence of queen Chanel Oberlin and her unique look. As the resident mean girl on campus, her looks are often striking and very chic. Faux-fur coats are in! Wear one of these alongside some killer shades and a preppy blouse, pieces that can easily be worn after Halloween, and you’re sorted! Don’t forget your signature Emma Robert’s pout.












Pink Casual Faux Fur Coat, Topshop

For an even more casual approach to dressing up, look no further than Marvel’s hit series, Jessica Jones. Be completely in tune with the superhero’s look with little to no effort. Raid your wardrobe for a pair of old jeans, chunky black boots and a leather jacket. If you want to go a tad further with this, w327915f4d08affc485522e81024f4f90ear a pair of fingerless gloves and have a facial expression that’s both annoyed, and unimpressed all night.5154101040_2_2_1









Zara Boots





Writing by Rachel Brown


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