Athleisure – A St. Andrews’ Take

Whether you are going to a spinning class or attending Starfields, St. Andrews certainly knows how to do the trainer shoe justice. After all, Stan Smiths weren’t invented just for exercise – right?

Over the past few years, the rise of the alternative athleisure cult has been highly unanticipated, yet the impact it has made has been profound. Sportswear today is being classified as luxe and stylish, so look no further than St. Andrews for inspiration. The Nineties vibe has been allowed to come into play once again: silk bombers, puffer coats, cut off pants, and, of course, the bold return of the cap are all part of what has been labelled as the ‘Gazelle’ (trainer) following.Picture1.png

Athleisure can certainly be worn by anyone and everyone. Swedish bloggers such as Claire Rose Cliteur and Andrea Belver are devoted to the minimal ‘aesthetique’ and are leading the way for this huge shift from clean cut co-ord sets to Vetements hoodies and silk track pants.

If athleisure is already your forte, but you want an alternative outlet, take a look at Middle-Eastern designer and blogger Monisha Jaising. Her collection displays a Scandinavian theme  with a bit more bite and edge. This collection may just be what your growing wardrobe has been wanting. These inspiring and alternate designs can be dressed to suit anything from a casual day out shopping to a trip to the airport, and of course, they would also work for a quick trip to the gym. The assemblage of clothes also contains jumpsuits, jersey tops and monogrammed cashmere scarves just to finish off that thought-out, casual look.

Finding some new sneakers that will make your tailored trousers look a little less try hard and a little more laid-back will not be difficult. Just take a look at this round up and you’ll soon fear a little less

(Balenciaga Race Runner Low-Top £395Zara Combination Sneakers £39.99; Adidas Gazelle £74.95;  Golden Goose Deluxe Brand V-Star 2 Distressed Velvet Sneakers £325)

So whether this look is one that you feel you could fully embrace or not, turn to St. Andrews to achieve the real athleisure look with edge, style and a hint of chic.

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