Winter Essentials

Niki and Erin share their coat and scarf wish lists, namely the two building blocks of winter sartorial survival kit.


This winter we are taking inspiration from the latest, freshest, most raved about pieces on Instagram, such as Balenciaga’s AW16 line, specifically the red puffer coat, as seen below.


The off-the-shoulder look, which triumphed this summer, can be easily extended all the way to winter time. The image above might put a question in your mind: rent or coat? Balenciaga isn’t always the most affordable brand for students, and if you’re leaning towards the first answer to the prompt,  Mango has one with a similar style.


The second staple coat style is the long woolen coat. Winter and wool are an inseparable couple, so naturally, a long woolen coat is a perfect piece to stay warm while maintaining a sliTS11W10IMUL_Zoom_F_1.jpgm silhouette. Topshop manages to subtly blend a hobo-chic vibe with simple elegance and is certainly channel_vic0081ing Victoria Beckham’s love of checkered pieces this season.

Both London and Paris Fashion Weeks saw the reemergence of the sleek, iconic trench coat, with designers from Prada to Gucci adding refined pulses of vibrancy to this classic piece. This high-street equivalent certainly ticks all the boxes with its bold colour and layered lapel.


I thought I would include this coat, as it seems to have created a sensation on Instagram. Although it doesn’t scream winter 2016, this printed coat from Zara has gone viral, now having its own Instagram account.



The obsession with Cara Delevingne continues. Especially after her recent campaign for Puma, where she looks like the girl you want to be or you want to date, but you’re too scared to talk to because she seems busy being fit, while still living off of junk food. But here, let’s picture Cara as just another St Andrews darling,  who also complains about 9AMs and cheers when she gets to wear her Wellies.

hghgfur_scarf_asos2A snood, or infinity scarf, goes with pretty much anything: jacket, blouse, or sweater. It’s perfect for those of you who have no clue how to wear a long scarf;
it’s a style saver. If normal knit is too boring, your options are plenty. Go bold with a furry snood.

Now you say, “Okay, but where do I get one?”

Right this way…

The second style is an oversized scarf. We’re familiar with the oversized sweater, so this look shouldn’t be a surprise. Again, Cara is leading the way to the library, ready to be ‘accidentally’ snapped by Concrete Catwalk.



Coat style advice by Niki

Scarf style advice by Erin




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