Miss Peonies x CC

Anna aka Miss Peonies

CC sits down with Anna, the creative behind the beautifully curated Instagram account  miss_peonies and personal blog Golden Sundays. This afternoon, Anna also created three looks for different occasions.

Anna is in St Andrews for her postgraduate degree; besides lectures, seminars and other university work, she manages her online presence. She started with Instagram in 2014, and her blog only came about in January this year. With 16.6K and growing followers, Anna continues to share her daily inspiration, from food to fashion to cars.

CC:  What made you decide to start your own blog and Instagram account?

Anna: The opportunity was there. I moved to London and it just gave me the drive and constant inspiration to capture beautiful things around me. I used to have another blog, but I wasn’t too excited about it then, so I decided that I would try again and treat it like professional work.

CC: Other than fashion, food, and lifestyle, you also blog about cars?

A: Yes, I’ve always been passionate about supercars. There aren’t that many girls in the car blogging world, and most of them only post pictures of themselves standing next to a Ferrari, without knowing that it’s a F12 Berlinetta.

CC: It does sound like a lot of work…

Anna: Yes, I edit the pictures, write the posts, and interact with my followers myself.

CC: So how do you balance between school work, personal life, miss_peonies and Golden Sundays?

Anna: It’s definitely not easy. I mostly allocate the weekend for the blog, while I try to post one every day, or every other day on instagram. But it’s fun, though I said that I treat it like a professional job, it doesn’t feel like a mundane work. I’m just having fun, that’s the most important part.

CC: Does moving to St Andrews change things for you?

Anna: Definitely. It’s only my 3rd week here. But postgraduate work is a lot, that means that I have to be more careful with my time management. It’s a lovely little town, a good contrast from London. I do miss London, though…

CC: What keeps you motivated?

Anna: The positive feedback from my followers, the community, and the opportunities that come with it.

CC: Shall we move on to the outfits? What’s your approach to getting dressed?

Anna: It depends on the occasion. Once you know where you’re going, then it’s time to have fun with what you’re wearing, but still be comfortable and appropriate.

CC: Do you have staple pieces that you want to share with us?

Anna: Chucks! They’re just comfortable and go with everything. Especially here, when you walk everywhere. Also a well fitted white blouse, it’s just a classic.

CC: Your favorite trend at the moment?

Anna: Off-the-shoulder. But I don’t think I can pull it off…

CC: That’s nonsense! You’d look good in off-the-shoulders. Give it a try next summer if it’s still around. Okay, last question. If you could swap your wardrobe with someone else’s, whose would it be?

Anna: That’s a good one. I think I would want Blair Waldorf’s! She’s so classy but quirky and fun. Always stylish.

CC: We love her style too! Well, you’d certainly rule St Andrews if you had her wardrobe.

3 looks for 3 different occasions by Anna.

Look 1: Casual look for daily lectures and library.

The building blocks: trainers, jeans, comfortable and warm top, and a sizeable bag to carry a laptop and books.

(Anna in Zara cardigan, Polo Ralph Lauren blouse, Zara jeans, and Vans shoes. Accessories: Bag – Louis Vuitton (Neverfull GM), Watch – Rolex (Oyster Perpetual Date), Glasses – Burberry)


Look 2: Black-tie for formal events.

CC: We love it that it’s not just another beautiful dress!

Anna: Yes, it’s a top and a skirt, but the combination makes it look like a full dress. You can mix and match it with anything. Plus, the skirt reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw when she was in Paris on her last night, it was very sad at the beginning but her outfit was beautiful.

Top and Skirt – Coast, Shoes – Zara, Purse – Accessorize, Ring – Forever 21, Nail polish – Essie (Shearling Darling)


Look 3: English countryside.

Cute for: a roast dinner with your boyfriend’s family or an afternoon tea.

Dress – Dainty Jewell’s, Shoes – Zara,Necklace – Accessorize, Bag – Saint Laurent (Sac du jour – small)


Necklace – Accessorize

Check out Anna’s Instagram & Blog.







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